T.W.I.N | Brand Highlight

T.W.I.N | Brand Highlight

That's What I Need



       Meet TWIN! A twin-owned and run clothing brand from New York, NY with the motto "Imagine the world you wished existed, and act like it does". And I have got to say they most certainly live out this motto in their products, posts, and overall business structure.


       TWIN is a brand we discovered in NYC at a clothing market in September 2023, and we were hooked from the start, not only with their brand values but also with their exuberant personalities.  If you pop in to their SoHo store you will feel welcome and thoroughly enjoy chatting with them. T.W.I.N, is not just their name, it's an acronym that stands for That's What I Need. "It’s the reaction we want you to have when you see our clothes and hear our story."


Owners Isabella and Alicia Serrani began to build TWIN in 2020, during COVID.   

“Our goal is to design garments that are truly timeless in style and enduring in quality. Not only will you want to wear your TWIN pieces forever, you'll actually be able to because they're well-made.” twin site.



       As mentioned we love the high quality of their clothes, but their values as a brand was what really made an impact on us. At Pink & Navy, we love finding brands that make a difference, and after learning more about TWIN, it became clear that this is more than just a company. What really sticks out to us about TWIN is their values of inclusivity and sustainability. 



Owners Alicia and Isabella want all their customers to feel represented and see themselves in TWIN. This includes gender neutral self expression as well as clothing that comes in sizes XS to 3XL. Their goal is that when you are shopping at TWIN, that you know that those clothes were created for you, no matter who you are. While the culture of fashion is changing, there is still a long way to go and having brands like TWIN that welcomes, represents and creates products for people of all sizes and genders is so monumental. Representation makes people feel like they belong and builds trust in a brand. they trust the brand to carry clothes that fit well and look bomb. 



       A phrase that was repeated when I was chatting about sustainability within TWIN with co-owner, Alicia Serrani, is new life. All materials used to create the garments you buy are deadstock, which means no new materials are produced for the creation of a TWIN piece. All pieces of the garment are upcycled, recycled clothing, literally giving deadstock new life. You are wearing recycled clothing, built to last, not contributing to fast fashion. In addition to the sustainable method of sourcing of materials, at TWIN all of their paper inserts from twin are made from seed paper. Their paper inserts literally create new life. Sustainability is a constant conversation, they are consistently brainstorming new ways to reduce waste within their company. 



TWIN creates versatile items that are somehow both on trend and timeless, meant to last in this rapidly changing world of fashion. The best part is that with the quality of these products, they are truly built to last. Customers have been loving TWIN at Pink & Navy and we cannot wait to continue this partnership for years to come. If you find yourself in NYC, make sure to check out their store in SoHo. You can also shop TWIN online at and at both our Anna Maria Island and Bradenton locations!




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