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fyb | Brand Highlight


Follow Your Bliss

       “Follow Your Bliss”  - A mantra that has followed business owner, Alyssa Kuchta, through childhood into adulthood and became the name of her successful jewelry company, fyb. As a young girl, Alyssa and her best friend lived by the saying, “follow your bliss”. To her, this means more than simply doing what makes you happy, it is a call to trust your gut, and follow the path that makes your life blissful. When starting a business in her late college years, she knew that she wanted the name to be meaningful and resonate with her own story. 


      fyb is one of the businesses we discovered at the most recent NYC Magic Market, in February. A new pitching event gave us the opportunity to meet Alyssa herself and hear about her brand's values, vision, and products; from the get-go we knew we needed to work with her. Not only did we fall head over heels for the products, we found that we resonated with fyb's mission of empowering women to feel confident and beautiful.  


“fyb jewelry exists to help you treat yourself, love yourself, and celebrate life’s big and small moments. We’re the perfect gift for a friend who moved to a new city, and a perfect treat for yourself when the going gets tough, but you come out on top - because you always do.” - fyb website 


Starting fyb  

        While working in a boutique in college, Alyssa spent time observing and learning how to run a business. Empowered by the knowledge of others, she decided to start her own jewelry business and fyb was launched from her dorm room. Having a large network through her involvement in her sorority helped initially get her business off the ground as well as leaning on support from her college’s entrepreneurship club.  

After graduating college, she moved to NYC and began an ambassador program with college students. Eventually the company grew and she was able to start attending trade shows, selling her jewelry wholesale to retailers, much like us! 



       Fyb is celebrating its 13th birthday in August. Alyssa tells me the secret to her success in growing her business is keeping up with trends and adapting to what is working. It’s constant re-evaluation, removing what is not serving the brand any longer and leaning into what is.


About the Products 

       Fyb carries 18 karat gold plated necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. What I personally love about fyb jewelry is how simple and feminine it is.  Each piece can be worn as a statement or stacked with other fyb jewelry and look beautiful either way. A trend that fyb has kept up with and put their own style on is jewelry with initials. Typically I have seen initial jewelry tending to be a bit bulky, but fyb does it in a delicate and more formal way. By adding the semiprecious stones into the letters, these pieces are perfect for every day use, as well as dressed up for a special occasion. 




Fyb’s Mission


Being female-founded, fyb’s mission is all about inspiring and empowering women through community mentorship. In fact, in 2021, Alyssa published a book entitled Follow your bliss: Wisdom from Inspiring Women to Help You Find Purpose and Joy, where she interviewed various trailblazing women in differing fields sharing their stories and advice. This book tells the tale of how someone else’s story can inspire you to have courage on your own journey. You can order her book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!


As far as the mission for the product itself, Alysssa’s goal is to help women find confident in themselves, to feel beautiful while wearing her jewelry. She has found great joy in hearing stories from her customers of special moments in their life spent wearing fyb jewelry. Alyssa loves when her products evolve with her customers as they grow and experience new milestones.. Such as first dates, graduation, engagement, having children, and all the beautiful experiences we get as we grow. 

I hope you love fyb just as much as I do! Come shop their products at either of our Pink & Navy locations, or online at 



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