DIY Seashell Projects

DIY Seashell Projects

       Visitors and locals alike know that Anna Maria Island beaches have some of the most diverse and beautiful seashells. Some days I've collected so many I don’t know what to do with them all. Which got me thinking, what are some creative ways to display these seashells in my home? I found that seashell crafts can be a beautiful and versatile decorative way to bring the beach home with you. With all the varieties of shells that find their way to our beaches, there are so many different projects you can make. 

Here are 3 projects for you to do at home!

Seashell candles 

       These are a creative way to brighten any room. Whether at a candle lit dinner or placed decoratively on a bookshelf, this shell candle will make a great display. 

 Making a candle is easier than you might think, all you need is:

- Wax beads

- Fragrance oil

- Candle wicks

- Seashells 



To prepare the shells, adhere the wicks to the inside. Melt the wax beads in a pot, once melted, add your fragrance oil. Then simply pour the wax in the shells and let them harden.


Coastal Centerpieces

These are one of the easiest decor pieces and they can add a lot to a table. This craft doesn't really require directions. I give you creative license to combine your shells however you'd like. Simply add all the items in your bowl, and voila, you have a gorgeous coastal centerpiece.  See photo for inspo!



- Seashells

- A bowl or vase

- Add another color or texture, such as sand, moss, flowers, or even sticks. 



 Seashell wall Art  


This is my favorite DIY decoration and I am already planning my next beach trip so I can make one for myself! These shell wall hangings would make for a special souvenir, because you get to find the perfect seashells as well as drift wood from your favorite beach. 


- Drift wood

- Shells (with holes)

- String

- Beads (optional)



Once all the materials are collected, tie the shells to each piece of string in the order of your choosing. Tie them to your drift wood, then tie some string to the top of the drift wood, for hanging. 


Thank you for exploring the world of seashell DIY projects with us at Pink & Navy Boutique. I encourage you to unleash your creativity and experiment with your own seashell-inspired creations. We hope to see you soon!  Comment below to tell us or show us what you made.

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