Spring Break Trends

Monochromatic Outfits

A monochromatic outfit is defined as an outfit made up of one color or shades of the same color. The image above shows an example of what a monochromatic outfit would look like. This styling of outfit is going to be super popular for spring 2022, whether it be bold or subtle colors. Your outfit could have different shades or go full on the same color to achieve this type of look. Also, it just makes picking out an outfit that much easier! We have a whole rainbow of colors to pick from here in the store, and we would love to see how you would style them monochromatically! 

Blazers On Blazers

When people think of styling blazers, they probably think more of fall fashion. Well, rumor has it they are going to be all the rave for spring 2022. They were a huge trend last spring and they are making another comeback. Blazers are super fun to style, you can make them casual or professional looking. We love pairing them over a tank with a skirt or even a pair of jeans. This also covers leather jackets as well. Leather is appearing to be very popular this season and boy do we have blazers and leather pieces.. including leather blazers! 

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are always in style, but they are really on trend this spring. Mini skirts are super fun to style and one clothing piece can change the entire vibe of the outfit. The most notably popular styles of mini skirts are leather and pleated. We take pride in our skirt collection. We have anything from colorful to neutral and patterned to silk. How do you think you would style a mini skirt this season? 

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