Photoshoot Ideas!

Photoshoot Ideas!

Group Photos! 

Taking photos with friends can be so fun, whether it is for posting to social media or just for yourselves. A few ideas can be; standing aligned like the photo above, leaning on one another, and the cutest but most awkward is "laughing" at each other. Taking photos with friends is probably the most natural feeling, because you probably laugh without even meaning to. You can take pictures at the beach or even set up your own fun photoshoot set like we did above! 

You & Your Bestie!

Nothing beats grabbing your bestie and spending a day taking fun pictures together and making memories. A fun way to take pictures with your bestie is to set your phone on video rather than timer photo. By setting your phone on video, you can pose, laugh, and get in the moment real shots of you both. You can then later screenshot still photos from the videos. Photos go beyond just getting the best one for social media, it is about capturing the most beautiful moments in life. Sometimes those moments are just everyday things with your best friend. 

Video shoots!

Our favorite way of capturing moments would probably be video shoots. Our instagram is filled with them because we think it is the best way to capture "in the moment" content. If you have a product you want to show off or a fun outfit, a themed video is perfect for that. In the picture above, we did a video the same day collaborating with beach bums and riding the fun jeeps and bikes they offer for rental. The final product is on our instagram. Videos also allow for your personality to shine through when it comes to music choice as well as what the concept of the video is. It can create a more personal and fun piece of content to watch on social media. 

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