MAGIC Market in New York City

MAGIC Market in New York City

New York MAGIC Market

       Ever wondered what buying for a clothing store actually looks like? While it’s largely conducted online through research and emails, a few times a year, we get to go on buying trips at clothing markets. This past week the Pink & Navy Team got to go to the MAGIC Market in New York City!


What is MAGIC Market?

       MAGIC Market is an event where clothing stores, like us, get the chance to browse hundreds of brands and find new products as well as deepen current business relationships. We spent three days exploring the space, seeing upcoming trends, re-ordering products we currently sell, and finding new exciting products for you to shop! 


What do you do at a clothing market?

       Something new that MAGIC provided this year was a brand pitch meeting. Our team got to meet with new brands in a casual private setting, which was great because we got to learn more about the stories of the businesses as well as get answers to any specific questions we had about the products. This format also gave these companies the opportunity to research us as a brand before the meeting and personalized which products they brought to the meeting. This was a fantastic idea on MAGIC’s part and we are now working with two of the four brands from these meetings. 

I’ll give you a sneak peek at these two brands:

The first is a jewelry brand with the most adorable dainty jewelry called FYB Jewelry, which stands for "follow your bliss"

The second is a denim company based in Brazil called Desire with unique embroidered jeans!

(Be on the lookout for blog posts about these brands very very soon!)

       My favorite part of market is wandering around and finding new brands to work with. It's such a personal experience to find a brand at a market like this. It puts a face to the name and really enhances the wholesale experience.

Is it just buying clothes? 

       While yes, we are there to buy merchandise and clothing to sell at the store, we do get to take advantages of some events, held by participating companies, which range from giveaways to a hair/makeup touch up. The coolest one we got to do this year was a color consultation. If you are on social media, then you will know that learning which color season you are is a game changer when buying clothes. The color experts look at your features and depending on a variety of factors they will tell you which colors you can wear to accentuate your natural beauty. I learned that I am a soft autumn. 


       Another really cool pop up they had was BonBon candy. BonBon is a Swedish brand with stores local to New York. They were giving out samples two of the three days we attended and let's just say we devoured them. If you ever find yourself near a BonBon store, I highly recommend trying them out!


Well, that's all folks!

I hope you enjoyed this brief view into the behind the scenes of running a business like Pink & Navy. We hope to see you soon!

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