Say Yes to the (Rehearsal Dinner) Dress!

Say Yes to the (Rehearsal Dinner) Dress!

Feeling overwhelmed by all the white you need to buy as a bride?

       Planning an outfit for a bridal shower, a bachelorette party, and a rehearsal dinner, on top of the wedding itself can be a lot. Lucky for you, Pink & Navy has got you covered! 


Here are three pieces you should consider as a bride! 

1. Alessia Floral Dress

       What I love about this dress is how simple it appears from afar, but as you look closer, the details make it such a great dress. The change in fabric and fit midthigh is so interesting, as well as the tiers at the bottom. Not to mention the textured pattern at the top of the dress. If you are feeling held back by the white dress code of being a bride, this is your dress!


2. Wedding Gift Dress

       Bows are all the rage this year and I am loving the way they are incorporated into this dress. It is subtle enough but adds that sweet feminine touch with the diagonal bows drawing up toward the neckline. I picture this dress for a cocktail attire rehearsal dinner. Very classy with the long sleeves and square neckline, with fun sprinkled into the details. Short, textured, and radiant!


3. Imagination Lace Skirt

       This skirt is just so unique I had to add it to the list, I am obsessed with the large lace flowers and asymmetry. It could be great as a cover up for a beach/poolside bachelorette party, or layered over a white miniskirt and a top, this could be super fun for a night out! This skirt is one of those versatile pieces that you’ll be sure to wear long after your wedding season has come and gone.


Honorable Mentions

(Just some more white dresses that I am in love with!)


Love any of these dresses? Visit Pink & Navy Boutique at either of our two locations or online. We can't wait to see you soon!




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