Memorial Day Activities!

Memorial Day Activities!

Patriotic Symphony Salute

A fun and popular activity to do on Memorial Day, is to go watch the Patriotic Symphony Salute. This is located at City Pier Park, on the end of Pine Street. The Anna Maria Island orchestra plays music to salute retired veterans, there is also a presentation of the flag. This event begins at 10:30, but we recommend getting there extra early to make sure you find parking and get a good front row seat. The event lasts about an-hour-and-a-half and admission is free to watch. It is a great gathering of the community and definitely worth the stop before hitting the beach. Afterwards you should grab a donut at the donut experiment just a little but down the street, might as well stop in to see us as well!

Boat Day , Best Day

The boat is always something super fun to do on Memorial Day weekend. Everyone decks their own boat out in red, white, and blue. It almost feels like an unintentional parade at Jewfish and Beercan! Nothing beats driving through the waters in the summertime in Florida surrounded by your friends. Between AMI and Sarasota, there are so many restaurants that offer docks for boat to park so they can grab a bite to eat. If you are in need of a dry fit shirt for protection or a new bikini, then make sure you stop in here first! 

Please make sure if you are consuming alcohol this weekend (or any day of the week) to be super safe and never get behind the wheel of any vehicle. A "fun" moment, intoxicated, is certainly not worth anyone's life. 

Celebrate A Veteran 

   Yes, Memorial Day is a day off work or an excuse to go have fun with friends, but it is also a very important day. Memorial Day is a day to mourn the individuals who have died serving our country in the armed forces. If you want to honor those who have passed, a few ways to is by; attending a national memorial, participate in a memorial day event that supports retired veterans, or even brush up on your knowledge of what Memorial Day is truly about. 

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