Feature on Fahlo

Feature on Fahlo

One of our wildest brands

       At Pink & Navy we take pride in working with brands that give back, one of which being Fahlo. We found Fahlo almost a year ago and have been obsessed ever since!

Why We Love Fahlo

       With every purchase, a portion of funds go to a wildlife foundation corresponding with the animal you chose, in efforts to "educate customers about wildlife and excite them about conservation” (Fahlo Website). Each bracelet comes with a QR code you can scan to begin tracking your animal, a unique perk. Now you see why the brand is called Fahlo. Get it, Fahlo (follow)?

Which animals can I track? 

       At Pink & Navy AMI it will come as no surprise that our best selling animal bracelets are the sea turtles, dolphins and sharks. But if that seems a bit too fishy, you’re in luck, Fahlo also sells bracelets to track elephants, lions, giraffes, polar bears, penguins, and the newest addition to the Fahlo family, gorillas. 


Tracking delays 

       One way this brand displays how much they care for the animals is the delay in tracking data. Depending on which animal you track, for their protection, there will be a delay in receipt of the animal's location. For the sea animals, the delay could be a few days, but for the land animals, such as lions and elephants who are protected by law, the location of the animal could be from up to a month prior.



Coming soon to Pink & Navy!

       Fahlo recently launched their new plush, which also  comes with an animal tracking QR code, and is just plain adorable. For now they currently have the plush in a polar bear and an elephant but I have a feeling they may be expanding in the future. These plushes will be available at Pink & Navy in store and online very soon!


For more information about the brand and their supported foundations, check out this link!

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