Visiting AMI? Don’t Miss These Local Favorites...

Visiting AMI? Don’t Miss These Local Favorites...

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Visiting AMI? Don’t Miss These Local Favorites...

By Holly Barnes - August 9, 2020

   It’s no secret that Anna Maria Island, FL has always been a favorite tourist attraction. Us locals joke that in the Fall instead of the leaves changing, the license plates turn colors. All jokes aside, it’s no wonder that AMI is a favorite for both the locals & its visitors. 

   Whether you’re wanting white, sandy beaches, or fresh caught food (and amazing cocktails), or activities for the whole family, it’s no doubt you’ll find just that on sunny Anna Maria Island. So throw on your favorite summer tank and say hey to vacay!

Let’s Eat! (And Drink)

The best places for a snack and a sip…

   It’s a Saturday morning before the beach and you need a little pick-me-up before a day in the sun. Head on over to start your day at the North Shore Cafe. Some of their most popular items include handcrafted coffees, smoothies, acai bowls, avocado toast, sandwiches and more. You can also find the Anna Maria mural pictured above here! A great spot for photos and good company. 

   Next on our list is a favorite lunch and dinner spot with a beautiful view of the water, hence the name, The Waterfront Restaurant! With indoor and outdoor seating, the ambiance of this place is everything you could want during a beach vacation. Throw on your favorite summer dress and you’re set! They specialize in fresh caught seafood, from gulf shrimp to the fresh catch sandwich. My favorite are the blackened grouper tacos. Plus, they have curbside cocktails… count me in!

   Speaking of cocktails we have our last, but definitely not least, favorite local spot. For handcrafted, unique cocktails that you can’t find anywhere else, you’ll need a visit to The Doctor’s Office. From the 1950s up until recently, this bar was a real doctors office people would come to for medication, advice, stitches and more. You can now find an array of drinks and small plates here that will definitely cure any problem you might be having. 


Our favorite local beaches… 

   It’s no surprise that AMI is famous for its beautiful beaches. You could probably turn down any street and find a white sandy beach at the end of the road. If you find yourself staying near Pine Ave, you’ll have to check out a few of our favorite local spots. 

   Three streets over from Pink & Navy you’ll find Coconut Ave, where at the end of the street you’ll come across public beach access into a more secluded area where you can relax with your toes in the sand. 

   If you head a few more streets over, you’ll come to the very end of Anna Maria Island. Here you can find Bean Point where you’ll basically have a 360 view of clear, blue water. What more could you ask for?

   Not much for relaxing while visiting the beach? The last spot on our list is about 13 blocks back from Pine Ave and well known for its (somewhat) big waves. At the end of White Ave, you’ll find bigger waves perfect for skim boarding or body surfing.

Outdoor Activities 

Need to entertain the whole family?

   Pretty beaches and good food not enough to keep the entire family busy on vacation? We get it, have no fear. AMI is anything but lacking in the entertainment area. 

   For those who love the outdoors, take the free trolley down to AMI’s Historical Society Museum. Here you’ll find a glimpse into the history of this island, along with an array of artifacts and a peak into the old city jail (the perfect photo op!)

   Once the family needs a break from the heat, head over to Ginny’s & Jane E’s for a snack, some local art and quite unique finds. This is the perfect stop for a quick brunch. Their bakery always has the best treats... and don’t forget the mimosas. 

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Let us know if you visit any of our local spots! Oh, and don’t forget to stop by your favorite local boutique. See you soon!

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