Interview with a local artist!

Interview with a local artist!

Part of our own Pink & Navy line are t-shirts, tanks and stickers with beautiful designs done by a local artist Anna Fleece!! In this interview I got to learn a little more about her process and where she draws inspiration from. 

Q: What medium do you usually use for the shirts? What’s your favorite medium to work with? Do you think you’ll try a new medium with any of the shirts in the future? 

A: When creating the designs for the shirts I use watercolor paints. I do love to use watercolor, it definitely is my favorite type of paint to work with. I love how I can blend the colors easily and create different effects with more or less water. I do have an interest in embroidery, I think it looks so beautiful. If I were to try a new medium in the future it would be embroidery. 

Q: Where do you get your inspiration for the designs on the shirt? 

A: I usually take inspiration from Anna Maria Island. Almost all of my designs are inspired by the beauty of the sun, or creatures found around and in the ocean. 

Q: Are you working on any fun new designs? 

A: I have always loved painting, now that I have a T-shirt line it gives me a reason to practice more so I can improve my skills. It is also awesome to be able to have creative freedom when creating the designs. 

Q: What’s your favorite part about making these designs? 

A: My favorite part about making these designs is seeing it all come together at the end. During the painting process it can be difficult to see a design halfway done and it doesn’t look the way you imagined it. It’s fun to sit and brainstorm different ways to make it more like the inspiration. 

Q: Which design that we sell is your personal favorite? 

A: My favorite design is the “Here Comes the Sun” clouds. Clouds are one of my favorite things to paint. They are so simple but they can really add a lot to a painting. 

Wishing you a creative and stylish summer!! 

Love, Pink & Navy 

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