Valentine's/Galentine's Day Date Ideas and Outfit Inspo

Valentine's/Galentine's Day Date Ideas and Outfit Inspo

What to do and wear on Valentine's Day


       In the new year, we should take every opportunity to celebrate this beautiful life, and yes, that includes cheesy holidays. Not having a significant other is not a reason to skip out! If you have someone who makes you smile, whether they be a friend, a family member, or otherwise, I encourage you to make plans to remind them how much you love them. If you haven't celebrated Valentine's Day in years, or are just seeking some inspiration, look no further. I'm going to walk you through five date ideas and highlight some of our best clothing items that I would wear on each date. These dates are versatile and can be a friend date, turned into a small get together, or a romantic date so celebrate with whomever makes you smile most this Valentine's Day!



       I think this dress is perfect for a dressy Valentine's Day dinner party. Celebrate with an evening of shared food and good company! Now onto the dress, this season I think we all have a common obsession, bows. They are the perfect elegant addition to an outfit, and with our Clara Contrasting Bow Detail Dress, the bow is built in as a beautiful detail right at the top of the dress. I love this dress because it isn't your typical red and pink Valentine's dress. The classy black and white give you an opportunity to use your creativity to add that pop of color in with your accessories, red shoes, a pink bow in your hair, you see the vision. Check it out here!





       This dress is paired with a day on Anna Maria Island, of course! I'm picturing a day spent exploring the charming restaurants and shops on Pine Ave turned into an evening at a delicious seafood restaurant. With its bright floral pattern and empire silhouette, this is the perfect day dress turned evening dress. Paired with a comfy pair of sandals to explore the island in the sunshine, and for the evening, a quick shoe change and makeup/hair update can change your whole look for your night on the island. Not to mention, this dress will be great for summer!




       Date number three is... drum roll please... taking a class! There are tons of classes you can take together that make for great fun for a celebratory day, such as cooking, painting and pottery classes. This is the perfect Valentine's Day dress to wear for your date. Aside from the obviously adorable red and pink hearts, the silhouette of this dress is so sweet and fun. This dress would be perfect paired with cowboy boots, sneakers, or a fun heel, making it the perfect dress for any class you decide to take. 




       Candy hearts, you either absolutely love them or you disdainfully await the day they take their place upon the candy shelves. Whichever side you're on, you have to admit that they are the cutest Valentine's Day candy. This candy heart shirt, featured in a full length tee and a cropped top, was designed by a local Bradenton artist. These shirts are made with a triblend of cotton, polyester, and rayon, making them incredibly soft, ensuring you will have a cozy Valentine's Day. In this shirt you will be exceptionally comfortable, making it a great outfit choice for a movie night! Styled with some comfy bottoms, the candy hearts shirt will be a crowd pleaser for sure!




I love this option as a more subtle nod to the holiday. It's not typical Valentine's Day colors, but with the addition of the word LOVE, it still fits into the holiday genre. For this outfit, I am going to suggest going ice skating at an indoor ice rink. For our local shoppers, there are a few options for indoor ice rinks, if you're an online shopper and have the opportunity, embrace the cold weather for us Floridians. 



For more outfit inspiration, check out our website, or shop at one of our two stores located on Pine Avenue on Anna Mari Island and Old Main St. in Downtown Bradenton. We can't wait to see you there!


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