Spook's and Shoots

Spook's and Shoots

Spook's and Shoots

Spooky Styling 

Staring with our 70's hippie, Shelby created a stylish yet spooky costume with everyday clothing. For her top, she decided on one of our favorite gold tops , (Skylar Bandana Top) , to get a fashionable and retro look. Before protesting for peace, Shelby chose to pair her top with some cute and colorful pants!  In my opinion, the Something Special Boho pants truly do tie this who look together. Speaking of tying the look together, the Erin Made Oversized Bandana she put in her hair isn't Tye-Dye but it sure does complete the look!

The seaweed is always greener on somebody else's plate so you might as well dress like you're going under the sea! In this Little Mermaid inspired outfit, you'll look cute without the clams in the Sasha Poplin top. It's textured look and splash of color will most definitely keep you looking crab-u-lous. Not to mention the mer-mazing flowy skirt that must be paired with it. The Loewy Runched skirt is too good to be true as its "Runched" look paints homage to the waves Ariel swims through with her fish friends. 

Our third Thriller look comes all the way from Salem! Looking ready to cast a spell, Sophie stuns in her modern witch attire that she put together with everyday clothing. For her top, the Hayes Pullover was picked as its pointy shoulders give the look of someone who is ready to hex you! To capture evil spirits, this corduroy skirt is sure to ensure that you'll be stunning while spelling. It's virtually impossible to go wrong with Pipers Pleated Corduroy Skirt, wether you're spell casting in Salem or sunbathing on AMI.  

Giddy up partner! For our fourth and final look, you might want to strap on your cowboy boots to travel down yonder to the Wild West. This look features a denim button-up and bandanna top that make an adorable paring even when you're not rounding up outlaws on the frontier. This casual costume is perfect for halloween and with a pair of leather BOO-ts you're sure to be the best dressed cowboy this Halloween. 

Our Soapy Shoot

For our first Fall shoot here at Pink and Navy, we headed down South of our Pine Ave. home and took some stunning shots in the Seaside Laundromat. On the right, Evan shines bright in the Let It Be smiley take, perfect for climbing into a washer: our photographer does always say "Anything for the perfect shot." Those who are wine connoisseurs may have noticed Sophia and Shelby's cute wine themed tops, one with Bellinis and the other with Champagne. For this shot, they stood outside trying to figure out who sells seashells by the seaside market.  After our sunny, sweaty, and eventually soapy shoot at the laundromat we headed on down to Small Creamery so although you likely won't be able to find a shell vendor outside Seaside, you can make sure you cool you down with a delicious sweet treat!

Where will you go for your Fall photoshoot?

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