Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Pink & Navy always has great jewelry and accessories, but did you know we also have accessories for your pets? 

1. Dress your cat or dog up in these cute bandanas! They slip right on to your pet’s collar so it’s easy to figure out sizing and you can skip those doggy-dressing room lines.

2. Fashionable chew toys like this Micheal Klaws Bag Plush Toy are sure to be fun for you and your pet! They’ll have fun playing away while you can laugh and take pictures of them with their very own little purse!

3. Finally, we also have plenty accessories for you, the animal lover! Check out our “My Dog Thinks I’m Cool” Socks, or our “I Wish My Cat Could Text Me” Graphic Tee. Our entire pet collection is full of goodies that both you and your furry friend will love. 

Wishing you and your pets lots of fun and cuddles!


Pink & Navy


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