Beating the Heat: How to incorporate more SPF into your routine!

Beating the Heat: How to incorporate more SPF into your routine!

Beating the Heat: Everyday SPF 

SPF is a key part of every skincare routine. It is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation that everyone including men, women, and children over 6 months old should wear SPF every single day. Underneath the AMI sun, it is more important than ever to make sure SPF is included in our everyday lives. Aside from the everyday sunscreen, here are some more ways to protect yourself from the sun!

 SPF in Makeup 

Aside from applying SPF over moisturizer everyday, there are other preventative products that help protect us from the sun. Setting powders with SPF have now appeared in the market and are great for an extra layer of protection when touching up makeup throughout the day. To consolidate products used on the skin, consider using a sunscreen primer, which doubles both as an SPF product and a blurring primer. 

Wear Your Sun Protection

Sun protection is now being implemented into hats and other articles of clothing. If you're preparing for a beach day, consider wearing one of our UPF shirts that protect from UV rays! The technology is slightly different from SPF, but still protects from the sun by preventing UV rays from penetrating the garment. Other items such as hats are now being manufactured with UPF which ensures your face will be protected all day long. It is still suggested that SPF still be worn on a daily basis regardless of if the clothes have UPF.

SPF at P&N!

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