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We're forgetting what it feels like to go places that aren't the living room.

We love Ivory Ella. We are obsessed with the clothes, but even more importantly, we love their mission.

  • Ivory Ella is designed to be a mission-driven apparel and lifestyle brand that supports elephant conservation.
  • Ivory Ella has committed to donating a minimum of 10% of profits to saving elephants. They have donated over $1.7 million over the past four years.
  • Donations go directly to organizations such as Save the Elephants to support their work in sustaining elephant populations.

Use code IVORYELLA15 to save 15% on any Ivory Ella products!

Ivory Ella Multi Tye Dye Heart Tee

 Ivory Ella Peach Tie Dye Tee

Ivory Ella Amie Change Slim Tee

Ivory Ella Mauvewood Retro Keychain


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