Graduation Gifts? We've got you.

Graduation Gifts? We've got you.

Graduation Gifts? We've got you. 

So many graduations have been postponed or cancelled this year, but that doesn’t mean celebrating your grad has to be!! Here are some gift ideas for every price range and for every phase of life from the high school grad, college grad, and beyond!! 

1. Cute Business Attire 

Draper james red tie blouse

Whether they’re heading off to college and need dress clothes for an internship interview, or soon starting their first job, having cute and professional clothes is an awesome gift that is sure to give them a boost of confidence!! 

2. Candles and Diffusers

Candles and diffusers are a great way to make a new dorm or appartment feel llike home. Diffusers are a great choice for high school grads since candles usually arent allowed in dorm rooms!! 

3. Statement Jewelry

P&N has an amazing selection of gorgeous jewelry. From necklaces, like these beautiful coin pendants, empowering bracelets like our Little Words Projects collection or our Pieces of Me personality bangles, to fun and spunky rings and earrings! Any would make the perfect graduation gift. 

4. A Stylish Pair of Slide Shoes

If they’re running out of the dorm trying to get to class on time, or just need a cute pair of shoes for a Saturday afternoon, these are perfect! 

5. Fun and Portable Beauty Products 

For their new life in a dorm or their first place, products like the Sun Bum Hair Tripper or mini Duke Cannon products are great, perfect for when they’re settling in!!

Wishing every grad and their families time to celebrate together! 


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